Budget Workshop

Find Your Money Tribe

The Budget Workshop is designed to support a small group of women as they create a personalized spending plan.

After working with individual women to create a Spending Plan (budget), I discovered that some of us need and want a support system to keep us on track and motivated to take action. That’s the intent behind the Budget Workshop: build a community of women who support each other.

Each week in the 4-week workshop we meet online in a live video call. Between each call, you’ll have tasks to complete as you progress from no Spending Plan to a complete Spending Plan.

This workshop is designed to …

    • Take the taboo out of money
    • Increase your confidence to talk about money
    • Identify your money goals
    • Establish a support system
    • Create your personalized budget (Spending Plan)






This workshop is for you if …

    • You want to improve your financial wellbeing
    • Stress around money is affecting your life
    • You want to create a positive relationship with money
    • You’re motivated to make changes

I went in looking for budget and understanding of how and why I spend my money and I came out with so much more. Understanding my money belief and knowledge and a game plan on how to start my change with money and a game plan for my money and debt. Beyond thankful for the class. Sandie is a blessing in her passion to share her knowledge and empowerment of women having control of their financial destiny.


“Sandie’s Budget Workshop makes budgeting fun, quick, insightful, and relatively painless (hint: you won’t have to track every single expense)! After completing the workshop, I have an automated spending plan, a new perspective on my spending, and a highly practical and intentional strategy that aligns my spending with my financial goals. Thank you, Sandie!”

- Nicole

Next Workshop

The next workshop starts Tuesday, February 6, 2024 with weekly sessions until February 27th.